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    Shenzhen Shengdayu Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

    深圳马达维修,伺服电机维修,伺服马达维修,维修电机,维修马达,ABB马达维修 Service Hotline:
    About Us
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          Shenzhen Shengdayu Automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. by a team of skilled, high -quality team , the spirit of " insight into the opportunities , customer-oriented , speed priority " philosophy founded by , is a commitment servomotorPhotoelectric encoder and its R & D, manufacturing and marketing company related ancillary products. Businesses involved in electronic (AI, SMT, PCB), machinery (CNC), printing, pharmaceutical , semiconductor (LED), chemicals, textiles, film (BOPP) and many other industries at home and abroad .

    Currently, we maintain Japan, Germany, the United States, Britain , France, South Korea and other countries brands of motors, including the printing of winding DC servo motors, coreless DC servo motors, AC servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors , gear electrical , optical encoder and other varieties has reached more than 700 kinds .

    Company to the quality of survival, reputation and development , in order to improve the service for the purpose, " than the quality than price, than the reputation , than species, than the service" , but also for many customers at home and abroad reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment utilization , we will continue to develop innovative, to further adapt to the market environment, to meet user needs. Tree brand, style show , with new and old customers sincere cooperation , hand in hand, create brilliant !

    The vast sky, starry ,Shengda Yu people are to live in the direction of the industry as a relentless pursuit of the goal , spraying glorious life.

    Acquaintance with you is our opportunity to serve you is our pleasure ! If necessary, a telephone , a fax , a message and we will be happy to serve .


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