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    Shenzhen Shengdayu Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

    深圳马达维修,伺服电机维修,伺服马达维修,维修电机,维修马达,ABB马达维修 Service Hotline:
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    1 college and above ;
    2 English reading , writing proficiency , the efficiency of fast , strong text-based , customer understanding and communication skills ;
    3 skilled use of office software ;
    4 security products have relevant work experience is preferred ;
    5 The company provided free accommodation .
    Job Description:
    1 using the network platform to explore overseas markets , overseas customers to track , organize and respond to inquiry and make a late follow-up work ;
    (2) to keep abreast of market information , maintaining the company website , and do background data network platform release new product information ;
    (3) adhere to establish good communication with customers , maintaining good customer relations and old , is responsible for promoting and selling products in foreign markets ;
    4 grasp customer needs , active pioneer , higher authorities indicators ;
    5 . Collect business information , market information , market promptly report to the leadership

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