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    Industry News
    Types of servo motor maintenance
    Source:Shengda Yu Published:2020-10-12 Clicks:308

    Servo motor maintenance is divided into mechanical part maintenance and electrical part maintenance.

    1. The mechanical parts are repaired and replaced for bearing damage.
    Compared with the maintenance of the ordinary motor, only the bearing is special. Because most servo motors are synchronous motors with magnetic poles on the rotor, the problem cannot be solved with ordinary materials, so material customization becomes particularly critical, and alignment requirements are higher than ordinary motors.

    2. The maintenances of the electrical parts are mainly winding, magnets and encoders.
    As long as it is wound back according to the circuit and wire diameter of the original motor, the premise is to choose high-quality copper wire. Magnetization requires a certain technical content, usually external magnetization and disassembly magnetization, the former is suitable for some stator magnetic field magnetization, but disassembly magnetization requires skill, in addition to the need to know the magnetic strength of the original motor, but also need to understand the distribution, at the same time, the shape should be guaranteed.

    Most of the early servo motors use black magnetic with lower quality, and they are generally used soon after magnetization. Some of them can be considered for cost saving, but they are not recommended. It is recommended to replace all ferrite magnets which are resistant to high temperature and high electromagnetic interference.

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