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    Industry News
    ABB motor maintenance: common faults in servo motor maintenance
    Source:Shengda Yu Published:2020-10-24 Clicks:147

    1. The axis vibrates when it is fed.
    Check motor coil, mechanical feed screw and motor connection, servo system, pulse encoder, coupling, tachometer.

    2. The spindle cannot be moved directionally or is not in place.
    While checking the setting adjustment of the directional control circuit, checking the orientation board and the spindle control printed circuit board, we should also check whether the output waveform of the position detector (encoder) is normal to judge whether the encoder is good or bad.

    3. The motor is powered on, and the mechanical movement is extremely fast.
    While checking the position control unit and speed control unit, check the following points:
    1 whether the wiring of the pulse encoder is wrong.
    2 whether the coupling of pulse encoder is damaged.
    (3) check whether the terminal of the speed measuring generator is connected in reverse and whether the excitation signal line is connected incorrectly.

    4. Power-on and mechanical oscillation of the motor.
    1 the pulse encoder failed. At this time, we should check whether the servo system is stable, whether the circuit board maintenance detection current is stable, and at the same time, whether the voltage on the feedback line terminal of the speed detection unit drops at some points, and if any drop indicates that the pulse encoder is bad, replace the encoder.
    2 the cross coupling of the pulse encoder may be damaged, causing the shaft speed to be out of sync with the detected speed, so replace the coupling.
    (3) the speed measuring generator is out of order. Repair and replace the tachometer. In the maintenance practice, there are many faults of wear and resistance of the speed measuring brush, so we should remove the brush of the speed measuring machine, polish it with sandpaper, clean the dirt of the commutator at the same time, and then reinstall it.

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